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Upcoming Event

We are organizing SMKBI Alumni’s Open Day on the 29th April 2012 (sunday)!! There will be lotsa fun games, sports and activities awaits you!! Do let us know if you want to participate in organizing the event or if you have any amazing ideas to share with us!!


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What Is an Alumni Association?


  • Alumni associations are an important part of a school’s ability to raise funds. They reach out to all alumni to encourage continued financial support of their alma mater.


  • An alumni association promotes and encourages a positive image of the school. Through the alumni association a school seeks to gain support from the school community and the local community.


  • An alumni association can increase visibility of the school. It can also provide networking opportunities for its members. Recent graduates may find it beneficial to join the alumni association to meet previous graduates and receive advice and job leads.


  • An alumni association preserves and carries on school traditions. Most schools require the support of the alumni association to make sure future generations are aware of the school’s history.

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About SMKBI Alumni

SMKBI Alumni was established by our president, Rafiza Binti Nazir on the 5th November 2011. The purpose of this Alumni Association :

  • To gather all ex SMKBI’s students
  • To provide social and professional contacts for SMKBI Alumni
  • To provide support to SMKBI, both financially and through active participation of activities
  • To make and maintain contact among SMKBI ex students
  • To foster healthy school and community relations
  • To provide an outlet for Alumni Members to organize activities and events
  • To assist recent graduates and other alumni new to the area in their transition
  • To reinforce that SMKBI Alumni is an organization spanning the lifetime of its members

SMKBI Alumni Board :

President :

Rafiza Binti Nazir

Vice President :

Wan Nazirul Mubin

Secretary :

Nur Alya Sheikha Binti Hashim

Treasurer :

Suraya Saadon

Appointed Officers :

Siti Aishah Binti Surif

Nur Nadirah Binti Roslan

Shafiq Bin Shahril

Shahir Bin Sirad

Since SMKBI Alumni Association has just been established for about 3 months, we would like to ask for your continues support to promote and invite all ex SMKBI’s students to join this association. Click here for our facebook SMKBI ALUMNI group.

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We are LIVE!

SMKBI Live Chat – Join Now! (LIVE Chat for Websites)

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SMKBI Alumni

HELLO to all SMKBI ALUMNI members!!

welcome to SMKBI ALUMI blog!

This blog is created to update all smkbi alumni members of our group’s updates and activities.. do drop your comments and suggestions to enhance this blog..

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